What Are the Best Stores to Go Dumpster Diving in Orlando Florida?



Electronics stores

When going dumpster diving, you should try to avoid stores that are too far away from your destination. While it is possible Javi's Dumpster Rental: to find great finds at a variety of stores, electronics stores are the best to look for. You can usually find electronic items in the back of stores that sell them. If you want to find good deals on electronics, go near a Staples or Best Buy. Other good locations are OfficeMax and other strip malls.

Retail stores are also good places to go dumpster diving. Many of them have big hauls of discarded electronics, and you may be able to score a good deal. However, don't forget that some of these items might be damaged and thrown out. Electronics stores also sometimes discard partially used products, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.


If you're looking for the best places to go dumpster diving in Orlando, you may want to check out florists. Florists use the freshest flowers available to make beautiful bouquets, so they often throw out withered flowers and entire bouquets. When you visit a florist, you can get a great bargain and enjoy a fun and rewarding experience.

When it comes to flowers, nothing compares to the beauty and variety of the arrangements at florists in Orlando. While most of them offer the usual flower bouquets, you can also order a specific day's delivery to ensure that the flowers get to the recipient in time for the occasion. For the same-day, expedited delivery, you'll need to pay $10 to $20. Most florists in Orlando can deliver to multiple locations.


Bakeries are great dumpster diving opportunities because they toss out unsold items daily. The leftovers from baking a batch of donuts or a bag of bagels are often tossed in garbage bags. If you're looking for baked goods, you can visit the bakeries just after closing and ask if you can find any of their goods.

Many florists also throw out boxes of unwanted flowers on garbage day. The best time to go dumpster diving is before garbage pickup.

College campuses

If you want to find great free stuff, go dumpster diving at a college campus. Most college dorms have limited storage space, and this means that every day, many perfectly good items are being thrown out. If you're lucky, you can find some of these items in the dumpsters while the students are moving out.

Another option is to go renting a dumpster in Orlando diving near a mall. These dumpsters are usually located near the rear of the mall, and they are usually full of brand new items. Many malls even have separate dumpsters for food and home goods. Ulta, Bath and Body Works, and Gamestop are some of the stores that have good dumpsters for dumpster diving.