How To Check a Car is Serviced Thoroughly?


Buying a car is a one-time expense but maintaining it involves a huge expense that’s a big burden for the owners. Getting your car serviced is a must to do these days, to protect your car from wear and tear. It’s good to give your car to a reliable service station confirming authentic servicing.

There are a lot of fraudulent car service stations as they either overcharge for their services or replace the parts of cars with inferior quality parts. So choose a good & reliable service station here is the list of things to check after getting your car serviced.

Job Sheet

Every service station will prepare a job sheet that includes all the instructions from the service advisor regarding the repairing works to be done. While you have the time for delivery, check whether those parts are repaired or replaced.

Engine Oil

This is the most important part of a car, a good quality engine oil will give a smooth driving experience. For long-term functioning, oil and filter change is essential. Keep an eye on the color of the oil as the new oil will be clean and light.

Itemized Bill

After the car is serviced, the service company will give the bill to the owner. Don’t just skip checking if the price of the item is the one fixed to you. Check the engine oil tank and confirm that you are not extra charged for replacement.

Belongings / Tool Kit

Check whether all the belongings are safe, sometimes they may get displaced while leaving at service stations. Take your tool kit & other valuables with you. Check the presence of spare wheels and other accessories in the car while delivery.

Coolant or Brake Fluid

Change the engine coolant after some thousand km and don’t forget to refill or replace the brake fluid too. During servicing the owners are allowed to stay and look into the work, so be there and get these things done in front of you.

Fuel Level

Check fuel level after taking the delivery and confirm whether it’s on the right level and no misuse by employees. Check fuel level pen down by service advisors.

Odometer Reading

Check out the odometer reading to ensure no misuse of the car. Take your car for a test drive to check for any issues. You may also need a long test drive to check the status of engine overhauling or replacement of the head gasket.

Air Filter

The air filter should be cleaned during every service and is to be replaced after a few thousand kms. Just open and take out the air filter housing to ensure the work is done perfectly.

Tire Condition

Have an eye on the tire as there are high possibilities of wheels swapping in the service center.